Friday, August 12, 2011

Several Known Causes Why the Areola Expands

One of the many breast concerns that a lot of women encounter is having large areola, which is the brown part of the bust surrounding the nipple. This condition does not only look awful but can also lead to insecurities and distress to the person having it. It’s important for those women that have large areolas to know and understand what causes their breast problem to occur. 

Take a look at the following reasons why some areola becomes bigger than their normal size:

  • Bigger breasts that also have large areola
  • It runs in the blood
  • Naturally born with big areola

Gaining weight on the chest or conceiving a baby can as well trigger the growth of a much bigger areola because of the enlarged breast tissues that will then stretch the size of the brownish area of the bust where the nipple is attached. Part of the body changes a woman undergoes during pregnancy is her breasts increasing in size and along comes with it is the enlargement of the areola too. On the other hand, gaining weight contributes to chest fats which increase the size of the bust and stretching of the areola. 

A number of women reported that aside from the size, they also noticed a change in the colour of their areola as time goes by, which is usually the impact of the hormones inside the body. In addition to the colour alteration, tiny nodules are starting to appear too which is due to the main glands in the areola. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what really causes the changes in the size and appearance of the areola. Still, it maybe because of the breast’s total growth or could be an abnormality in the shape of the breasts. 

Don’t feel hopeless when you have large areolas because whatever the cause of their enlargement, the issue can still be solve through areola reduction surgery. This is a reliable cosmetic procedure that will bring excellent result when it comes to correcting the size of the areola. 

Above is a video of Mr. Adrian Richards wherein he describes the 3 types of Nipple Aureola Abnormalities and what treatments are suitable for each type of abnormality. Nipple Aureolas can be too large, asymmetric or puffy and can be addressed with minor surgical procedures.